It’s more for scene than for real utility XD and I wish you all the best for this!

Aw thank you so much! I’ll calm down a whole lot once things are going. It’s just the anticipation that’s hard!

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Don’t worry, it’s normal to be overthinking about this important event. Remember to breath deeply :3 as for the clothes, they look fine even if few. Don’t worry about that. have you a light scarf to add maybe? It helps looking more elegant :3

I totally forgot my scarf! It’s going to hot as balls but I’ll bring it anyway.

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veraverorum replied to your post: If I posted outfit pics would any foll…

I’m here if you need help :3

uuu god shit sorry my brain is doing that thing where it runs through all the ways the next two weeks could be a complete disaster and I’m going a little crazy.

This a crappy photo of what I’m bringing. I think it will be okay? Maybe not enough? But I don’t have any more decent clothes so I guess this is it. uuuughhhh.

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If I posted outfit pics would any followers be willing to tell me if they look like shit or not? I have 0 fashion sense and need to pretend that I’m a professional person who knows what they’re doing for the next few weeks and the clothes part is giving me anxiety up the wazoo.

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Assassin’s Creed Unity meets parkour in real life

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Because everyone could use more Sam love.

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Tom and Chris moments in Thor: The Dark World gag reel → Campy Chris

And Nat Portman looking reeeally, really awkward in the background.

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